Wills and Estates Attorney in Alberta

Our attorneys assist you in preparing for life’s eventualities. Discuss your plans with our team today.

CLH Law Barristers & Solicitors helps families overcome the legal challenges of estate planning in Alberta. Estate planning is an emotionally taxing endeavour for many individuals, so our lawyers assist you every step of the way.

We have worked with clients from various backgrounds and with a wide range of needs. Discuss your plans with our attorneys today.


Our attorneys will assist you in preparing your will, which determines how you want your assets to be distributed after you have passed on. Our team will explain everything you need to consider, like executors, beneficiaries, guardians for young children, and more.

Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney will entitle a party to act on financial or medical affairs when you are no longer capable. Our attorneys will help you file the right type of power of attorney for your plans.

 Personal Directives

A personal directive will give a party the legal authority to make personal and health-related decisions on your behalf when you are no longer capable. Our lawyer will assist you in all matters related to registering a personal directive.

Succession Planning

Our estate planning attorneys will assist in all matters regarding succession planning in Alberta. It ensures business continuity despite unforeseen life events and protects the fruits of your hard work.

Discuss your intentions and plans with our attorneys in Alberta today.

Proactive Legal Advice

During our consultation, our lawyers assess your needs thoroughly and make sure that all your intentions are covered by the proper estate planning document. Our legal advice is strategic and straightforward.

Excellent Client Service

Our estate planning services are client-centric. We respond to your inquiries promptly, and if you have any concerns, our team is a message away. If we can serve you without meeting in person, we’ll schedule a video conference or phone consultation.

Down-to-Earth Approach

Our clients can attest to our estate planning lawyers’ down-to-earth and easy-to-work nature. We help you understand the legal situation and lay out your options to help you make informed decisions.

Apart from wills and estate planning, our attorneys also practice:

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